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Welcome to the Trestle Developer Portal. Whether you are a Multiple Listing Organization, Technology Provider or Broker, this guide will explain the process of connecting to and retrieving data from Trestle . To learn more about the advantages of Trestle, check out the following brief videos.



Trestle Overview

A birds-eye view of Trestle and how it all fits together



The Benefits of Trestle

If you have only a minute or two to learn about Trestle - this is for you!



The Deep Dive

Explore the inner workings of Trestle

Trestle Data

The data available through the Trestle service adheres to the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) Data Dictionary . By using this design, the data is structured to handle Properties of all types and catalog the details of each property. Queries of the data can be tailored to return very specific attributes of a single Property or large collections of data for many Properties. To begin using the data, refer to the guide for selecting your Transport method.

Connecting to Trestle

In order to make a connection to Trestle, we recommend using Postman or RETS Connector from CoreLogic . While both RETS and Web API methods are supported, RESO RETS has reached the end of its life cycle and users are strongly encouraged to connect via Web API. For further guides on how to download and use either Postman or RETS Connector, please see our guide on Using Postman or Using RETS Connector. If you would like to develop your own program to access data through a Trestle account, librets is a library maintained by the National Association of Realtors that can help rapidly develop RETS client applications.