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Some MLSs require that their data licensees are explicitly associated with the specific Brokers and Members that they are working with. This serves the MLS's mission of stewarding and defending the integrity of the data they house--they ensure that every licensee's access is granted on behalf of a legitimate, paying member of the MLS.

There are two ways that they do this:

1. They can require that the license agreement be co-signed by a Broker and/or Agent. Trestle handles this in the contract system, but it's a cumbersome to scale to hundreds or thousands of contracts.
2. They can require the licensee to periodically report their customer roster, which has historically been done on a spreadsheet. The management of this spreadsheet is agonizingly manual on both the licensee's side to generate, and on the MLS's side to consume.

We have solved the second piece of this with our Participant Reporting Endpoint. This is an ODdata endpoint that the licensee can use to submit the customer/membership data that the MLS needs to do its job.

How to Submit Reports: https://docs-trestle.corelogic.com/Subtopic/SubmittingReports
Useful Data Queries: https://docs-trestle.corelogic.com/Subtopic/RelevantQueries